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Welcome to the beacon of clarity. Our light shines through the thickened mist. Clearing mental obstruction. A place where your ship can land, where you can inspire yourself for your spiritual journey.

Fresh articles and videos; tailored to heal the mind.

What we do

Beacon of clarity is an archive dedicated about discussing psychology. Our desire is to enhance peoples mental states through philosophy. The archive contains self-written articles and videos in the hope to fire a debate about some core fundamentals within psychology. We believe that one can be liberated from suffering through shadow work and overcoming addiction. We use core values based upon virtues arguments to present a truthful structure of reality. Within this all-encompassing framework we strive to create a philosophy for life.

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Why becomming a stoic does wonders for our mental health

What is Stoicism, and What's It All About? At first glance, one might assume that being a Stoic involves becoming...
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A real guide on using alchemical catalyst for Self transformation

Introduction Let us explore an intriguing aspect of alchemy, which to me, represents the art of using life's experiences as...
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